About the role:
Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform in the world, and sellers of all scales are making it the go-to channel in their sales strategy.

Our Amazon Marketing vertical at Growisto is a 50+ member team - one of the biggest in India. We cater to clients from across the world. We ascribe our success to the way we work, our value systems, and our vision to take this team to greater heights:
● We are creating a setup of consulting in our Amazon Marketing Team - such that you can assist our operational client-facing team with different tactics and strategies on the platform. The role does not require you to be in a client-facing environment but rather you should have a good strategic acumen in ads and have a knack for numbers. This role involves activities around Internal Consulting on different projects to improve the performance from a tactical and strategic perspective.
● The world of Amazon marketing keeps on changing continually, and staying updated is the only key to stay ahead. To excel here, it is crucial to have curiosity and self-drive to solve new problems And then, also teach others in the team about it, thereby widening the skill-base within the company.
● We may be a bunch of sharp and intelligent chaps, but it is only through extensive collaboration that we have grown, and remain one of the most capable organizations in eCommerce Marketing. We work hard to grow ourselves and also others around us.

Your responsibilities:

Ads Advisory:
● Lead the Ads Advisory team of the Amazon Marketing Vertical of Growisto.
● Guide and support project managers and execution teams on ad related queries and activities
● Conduct periodic review of all the Amazon marketing projects on the basis of project goals, timelines, ad spends ( ACoS, TaCoS), and product portfolio
● During the reviews, understand the project goals in terms of sales, spends, TACoS, ACoS, scale-up plan, product portfolio, etc.
● Assess the project implementation process and advise teams on optimisation strategies, plans, and activities for the timely achievement of project goals
● Keep a track on new developments and features of the Amazon marketplace interface and Amazon Ads Platform
● Create and update industry-specific SOPs for Effective Ads Management
● Identify, evaluate, and implement new trends in the digital marketing industry
● Review various processes across teams and propose standardization, wherever applicable

Team Management:
● Lead and manage an internal advisory team of 2 or more analysts and associates
● Guide and help internal team members in their growth aligning their skill sets with the right task
● Train internal team members on the latest methodologies, new features in regular projects, and best practices
● Prepare a plan of action for your team members and oversee their career progression
● Actively participating in the recruitment process to help identify and appoint the right talents for the organization

Note that this team and its members will not be executing projects. Rather, it is a specialist role suitable for people who want to develop their specialized career, without involving a project management path.

Why Amazon Marketing:
In this new emerging eCommerce world, Amazon is a behemoth.
● Amazon is the largest marketplace globally.
● It has a share of ~40% of e-commerce sales in the US and will continue to expand upon its dominant position.
● It is the largets product search engine
● It already is the third-largest ad platform and second-largest search ad platform.

Hence, as the whole eCommerce future is paving its way towards Amazon, our team is a perfect fit for those who want to stay ahead in the field!

What you'll need:
If you have been engaged in project management and execution for long, and want to move into a specialist/technical role, this position will be a great fit for you!

● 3 to 7 years of relevant experience in Performance Marketing/Media Planning/ Ads Strategy
● Strategic thinker with a track record in delivering successful digital marketing programs and campaigns.
● Strong analytical skills with proven ability to interpret data and link the data to multiple areas of the user journey
● Strong project management skills including demonstrated ability to think end-to-end, manage long-term projects, and manage multiple projects simultaneously
You will be given in-house Amazon Marketing training for this role, hence Amazon Marketing experience is not mandatory for this profile
● Ability to collaborate and deliver timely results with a team
● You will be given in-house Amazon Marketing training for this role, hence Amazon Marketing experience is not mandatory for this profile

Who Should Consider Joining:

● If you like challenges and think from a first principle basis,
● If you are driven to take ownership and get on the driver's seat,
● If you have the aspiration to grow fast in the dynamic environment of a start-up,
● If you are someone who makes objective, fact-based decisions

Who should not consider joining:
● If the role description does not excite you, then you should not join us
● We are a startup and things will move fast. If you are not comfortable in a fast-paced environment, then you should not join us
● If you are not a self-starter who is willing to learn & experiment more, then you should not join us.

What We Offer:
● Limitless growth and learning opportunities
● A collaborative and positive culture — Your team will be as smart, helpful, and driven as you.
● Guidance and mentorship from industry experts and renowned IIT Alumnus
● In house extensive training on Amazon Marketing
● An opportunity to make an impact — Your work will contribute directly to our strategy and growth