About the Role:

The said position is in the Amazon marketing vertical of Growisto. Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world and sellers of all size and nature are making it a go-to channel in their sales strategy.

Our Amazon Marketing vertical is a 35+ member team and is one of the largest in India. It caters to clients across the world. We ascribe our success to a few elements detailed below. We believe it will provide you a good idea about who we are, how we work, our value systems, and then accordingly, decide for yourself, if we are a good fit for accomplishing your goals and along with that take this team to future heights.

  • We work in a consultative manner with clients to deliver better value, rather than just act as the execution arm of the clients. This requires us to look at project activities as a part of a larger set of client operations and deliver work that increases value across the entire operations. This also requires us to be proactive and creative in our client interactions on emails, calls and all other channels.
  • The world of Amazon marketing is very large and keeps on changing often. Staying updated and continuous exploration is the key to stay ahead. Hence, to excel in this domain, it is crucial to have curiosity and self-drive to solve the new problems one may encounter. And then, also teach others in the team about it, thereby widening the skill-base within the company. When every member in the team keeps pushing the envelope a little every time, we become very strong over the period of time.
  • Michael Jordan said it once "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” We may be a bunch of sharp and intelligent chaps, but it is only through extensive collaboration, that we have grown and remain one of the most capable organisations in e-comm Digital Marketing. We work hard not just to grow ourselves but we also work with others to help them grow.
  • Amazon Marketing consists of various services such as listed below:
  • Amazon Ads/PPC management (the process of overseeing and managing a company's PPC ad spend)
  • Amazon SEO (the process of optimizing your Amazon product listings to rank more highly in Amazon searches for related keywords)
  • Affiliate sales (running deals on partner sites to achieve sales)
  • Inventory management and forecasting (advance planning of inventory requirements at SKU level and advising clients on setting up system to periodically monitor the same)
  • Pricing (determining appropriate product prices to ensure competitiveness as well as margin for the clients)
  • Buy box (ensuring the presence of buy box to ensure sales of products through our seller and not other sellers)
  • Competition analysis (studying competition to in order to gain or maintain a lead over them)
  • Product launch (build comprehensive product launch plans with list of activities, ad budget estimates, competition study, etc to ensure a successful launch)
  • Review and Sentiment analysis (study and analyse Amazon product reviews to identify customer likes and dislikes, preferences, trends, etc. and utilize the same to improve product marketing)
  • Market Entry Strategy (study a product category market on Amazon in terms of market size, competitor analysis, inventory requirements, pricing, market share by various players, etc. in order to assist in new product launch or to study market)
  • Automation (identify potential automation opportunities in operational activities to achieve efficiency and productivity gains; ensuring that the mundane and predictable becomes automated, so the team can focus on more productive pieces)
  • Use of and ideation of business intelligence tools (identifying and recommending various business tool applications for client and internal use)

In order to embark on the next leg of growth, we need committed people managers who would want more than just a job.

Key Responsibilities:

Client Project Management:

  • Provide consulting to the best of marketing teams on digital marketing
  • Understand business models of clients to create and implement a digital marketing strategy to target the right audience with a defined Market segmentation
  • Understanding the client and their business from a holistic perspective; managing and optimization of the websites
  • Strategizing and creating a robust plan of action for clients in the E-Commerce industry
  • Use project management tools to manage multiple projects efficiently.
  • Track and drive the progress of various projects to ensure timely delivery
  • Analyze website, business, social media campaigns with tracking systems to gather insightful data and determine improvement areas
  • Be responsible for all regular (and ad hoc) reporting and analysis of digital activity providing crucial insights into further sales and marketing opportunities, and effectively communicating this to the client
  • Identify, evaluate, and implement new trends in digital marketing

Building Team:

  • Lead a team of 5-10 people
  • Responsible for the growth of the internal team members by identifying and using the right skill set for the right task
  • Training internal team members on the latest methodologies
  • Adding the right talent in the company by actively participating in the hiring process

Qualification & Skills:

  • 4 to 7 years of relevant experience in client management/project management/team handling
  • Experience presenting to external stakeholders at a variety of levels
  • Strong written/verbal communication and analytical skills
  • Strong project management skills including demonstrated ability to think end-to-end, manage long-term projects, and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • In house Digital Marketing training will be given for this role, hence a Digital Marketing experience is not mandatory for this profile

Why should you consider joining Growisto?

  • It will be a challenging role and you will get complete ownership to solve challenging problems. If you like challenges and think from a first principle basis, you should definitely take this up
  • If you have the aspiration to grow and develop as leader in parallel to a multifold growth rate of a start up then you should join us
  • If your thought process and personality resonate with our cultural values, then you should join us

Why should you not consider joining Growisto?

  • If the role description does not excite you, then you should not join us
  • We are a startup and things will move fast. If you are not comfortable in a fast paced environment, then you should not join us
  • If we have to choose between culture/team and profits, our obvious choice is culture. If you don’t believe in the same philosophy then you should not join us.