About Growisto -

We are a group of digital marketers, techies, data analysts, and operations professionals who have come together to provide next-generation e-commerce solutions. We help brands & private labels to grow their businesses on platforms such as Amazon and their own website. We love brainstorming ideas on marketing businesses through digital media and utilize technology to execute them further to achieve the desired goals. However, nothing gives us a bigger kick than boosting sales!

Link to the website - https://www.growisto.com/

About the Role:

As a marketing manager, you will be taking ownership to drive the marketing campaigns of Growisto with a focus on lead generation and improvement in brand outreach. You will have to understand the short term and long term roadmap of the organisation and devise the right fit of marketing strategies to ensure a sustainable flow of leads and focus extensively on 360 degree marketing to attract and nurture enterprise leads. You will be required to exercise your problem solving skills, B2B marketing knowledge, creative mindset and content writing skills to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing activities.

Your Responsibilities -

  • Lead Generation Management
    • Account Based Marketing - identify target accounts and devise marketing campaigns to engage with each account basing the marketing message on the specific attributes and needs of the account
    • Ensure sustainable generation of marketing qualified leads and achievement of leads target
    • Coordinate with sales and hiring team to understand the requirements to plan the marketing campaigns accordingly
    • Drive the marketing campaigns from start to finish, leveraging internal support (examples of marketing campaigns - Newsletter, Webinars, Email and Linkedin campaigns, SEO, Ads)
    • Give strategic inputs to optimize the performance of the marketing campaigns
    • Give creative inputs to improve the quality of marketing collaterals and user experience
    • Engage in A/B testing to determine the optimal lead nurturing tactics
    • Ensuring that marketing campaigns are targeting the right client persona
    • Marketing automation
    • Drive inbound marketing campaigns
  • Increase Brand Awareness -
    • Manage branding, advertising and promotional campaigns
    • Manage and execute video campaigns for website and social media
    • Strategize the structure, content, images and creative appeal of branding campaigns
    • Set branding guidelines for the organization
    • Manage social media and press presence of the organization
  • Content Writing -
    • Drive content for marketing campaigns, pitch decks, website and other touchpoints
    • Ensure marketing campaigns are conveying the right value proposition
  • Team Management -
    • Responsible for growth of team members - training, mentorship, OKR creation, listening and providing continuous feedback to the team
    • Guide and help internal team members in their growth aligning their skill sets with the right task
  • Management Review -
    • Manage preparation of weekly, monthly and annual reports to review performance of the marketing team
    • Review performance of the marketing campaigns against the goals set

What you'll need:

  • 2 to 3 years of relevant work experience in B2B marketing
  • Experience in account based marketing
  • Experience in marketing campaigns such as Newsletters, Webinar, Email and Linkedin campaigns, SEO
  • Creative mindset and ability to design collaterals
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Content writing skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Experience in managing multiple stakeholders within and outside the organization
  • Refined written/verbal communication
  • Ability to collaborate and deliver timely results with a team
  • Ability to prioritize in a high volume and fast-paced environment
  • Strong management skills including demonstrated ability to think end-to-end and manage long-term projects

Who Should Consider Joining:

  • If you like challenges and think from a first principle basis
  • If you are driven to take ownership and get on the driver's seat
  • If you have the aspiration to grow fast in the dynamic environment of a start-up
  • If you are a collaborative team member, who believes in collective success
  • If you are someone who makes objective, fact-based decisions

Who should not consider joining:

  • If the role description does not excite you, then you should not join us
  • We are a startup and things will move fast
  • If you are not comfortable in a fast-paced environment, then you should not join us
  • If you are not a self-starter who is willing to learn & experiment more, then you should not join us.

What We Offer:

  • An opportunity to make an impact — Your work will contribute directly to the key organisational level goals
  • Limitless growth and learning opportunities
  • Rapid career growth opportunities without any restrictions
  • A collaborative and positive culture — Your team will be as smart, helpful, and driven as you
  • Ownership driven style work
  • Guidance and mentorship support for personal and professional growth